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Our Work

Understand your data in a whole new light

Measuring Success has worked with over 1,000 diverse organizations from a wide-range of sectors, including healthcare, education, philanthropy, faith-based, and the environment.

Using Data to Drive Decisions in Education

Our independent school client in a major Midwestern city struggled to understand parent perceptions. School administrators knew that teachers were communicating admirably with parents, but parents still seemed to want more.…
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Helping Kids Graduate by Integrating Data Systems

A leading national university sought to understand which interventions were most successful at helping at-risk youth graduate from high school.…
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Making Life Better for Cancer Survivors

A cancer survivor faces a tough fight. Once a diagnosis is made, there are emotional, financial, and physical obstacles to overcome. By partnering with diverse providers, our client wanted to help mitigate the burden of these challenges, and thus increase survival rates.…
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Mapping a Community through Data

It is hard to keep track of people, despite living in the digital age. Working with a specific community in Dallas, we employed Big Data principles to perform a community needs and market research assessment.…
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Making Data Easy and Fun

We had a goal to help schools learn from one another and benchmark themselves against their peers. With data from over 200 schools…
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