Financial Planning to Enhance Your School’s Value Proposition

Measuring Success is a leader in helping independent schools utilize comparative operational and financial benchmarking to identify opportunities to reduce expenses, increase tuition and non tuition revenue, and maximize the return on school assets. The benefits of this approach have helped schools including St. John’s Preparatory School and Greenhill School identify millions of dollars in improvements, thus allowing them to slow down tuition increase rates and increase financial sustainability.

Comparative benchmarking is a truly underutilized tool for independent schools and Measuring Success has pioneered a method to put it fully to work to help any school identify fundamental improvement opportunities. Because this approach is so different and superior to conventional financial planning, we call it Financial Reengineering! 

The Measuring Success approach utilizes a scientific method involving educated hypothesis generation that actively engages school staff members in thoroughly understanding the drivers of spending and revenue. The approach also uses benchmarking and fact-based analysis to question why the current situation is what it is, ways to improve relative benchmarking performance, and how to implement constructive changes. The result is engaging and truly transformational.

If you would like to explore how to put comparative benchmarking and financial reengineering to work for your school, please contact Dr. Harry Bloom at 202-524-1532 or at

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“Measuring Success allowed us to take the time and analyze where the School is today in order to strategically plan for the future.  The discussions led by Measuring Success took our leadership team into a deep dive, honest assessment of each individual department.  With the help of their guidance and partnership, the School is well supported in stewarding its financial resources and ensuring that the value of a Prep education remains affordable and accessible in future years.”

Cynthia Fanikos
St. John's Prep

"We wanted someone to push us in ways we hadn’t thought of previously. Someone with a broader point of view and who had worked with other schools. That’s why we chose them. We’re very pleased with the results.”

Scott Griggs
Head of School
Greenhill School

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Our clients say it best...

“I am so grateful for the partnership we had between Measuring Success and Justin-Siena High School. Measuring Success helped us unlock some latent potential we had relative to our value proposition.

They helped us name what made us unique and worth our tuition. They helped us move away from simply anecdotes to using data and measuring our relative worth.

In fact, in the spring of 2019 when we retained their services we had projected an enrollment of 520 students, yet welcomed 545 young people! We beat our long term plan by 3 years in just one summer with the help of Measuring Success.

The support, encouragement, tools, and information was truly valuable and I am grateful to Measuring Success, and Harry and Ellie, for their work.”

–David Holquin, President, Justin-Siena High School