Mountain and Southwest: Strengthening the Lower School Enrollment Pipeline

In 2016, Measuring Success surveyed hundreds of independent schools across the United States and Canada to learn how tuition setting and enrollment outcomes differed regionally and based on underlying demographic factors — and determine what was working and what wasn’t. The results revealed dramatic differences in enrollment trends depending on the geographic region the schools serve and an emerging recent weakness in the enrollment pipelines of hitherto successful schools.

In this second in a series of white papers (click the image, left, to download a PDF), Dr. Harry Bloom, Measuring Success’ Senior Vice President of Client Solutions, looks at how independent schools in the Mountain/South Central and Southwest region are faring relative to schools in other areas of the U.S. and Canada. In the paper, Dr. Bloom shares emerging insights from Measuring Success’ fieldwork on how independent schools are using data to strengthen enrollment.

Take a deeper dive to see how your region’s results compared to those of the Mountain/South Central/Southwestern schools and learn about data-drivenSouthwestRegionaln strategies can help overcome enrollment challenges by downloading the white paper here.

We’ll be sending out additional papers covering the other seven regions in the coming months.

Measuring Success Regional White Papers: 

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