Measuring Success | New! Products to Enhance Independent Schools
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New! Products to Enhance Independent Schools

New! Products to Enhance Independent Schools

Measuring Success Announces Two New Products:

Financial Sustainability and Enrollment

Products for Independent Schools

FinancialSustainability4 Enrollment Growth Package4
Enhance the long-term financial viability of your school through our proprietary six-step process using Value MAX. We work with you and your staff, board and families to implement a strategy and develop a customized solution so that you can confidently work toward future goals.

  • A detailed project plan and timeline with specific milestones.
  • We take information you already have and supplement it with relevant data and analysis.
  • We work with your internal subject matter experts to generate improvement hypotheses then work to validate actionable improvements.
  • We guide your school staff and families through a financial scenario with recommended short- and long-term improvements.
Many schools work at growing their enrollment pipeline by casting a wide net and hoping for the best. We have developed a data-driven approach, Enrollment MAX, that focuses on your best prospects so that you can strategize and grow your enrollment with targeted, data-driven efficiency.

  • We assess your recruitment and retention practices based on 82 factors to identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • We pair your data with market research to discover high-potential prospects.
  • We create lookalike profiles based on 700 variables to identify potential school families.
  • We train staff, administration and board on proactive recruitment and retention strategies so that they can implement a parent ambassador program.
  • We leave you with a prospect list and three-year plan.

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