Leverage Data Science to Identify Your School’s Highly Qualified Enrollment Prospects

The enrollment season is underway, and things look promising but it is still far from certain your school will hit your school’s new enrollment targets. It would certainly help to have a database of truly high-potential prospects for your school to pursue.

There is good news. Measuring Success can deliver a data-driven solution for your school! Using sophisticated data modeling capabilities — plus our access to a unique set of demographic databases containing over 600 lifestyle, wealth and income, purchasing pattern, and affinity variables — we can model your school’s family characteristics and rank order prospective families in your target area who have unique similarity to your current families. What you will receive is a qualified, ranked prospect list, along with family contact information, and not merely a generic list of high income families in your area.

Geordie Mitchell, Director of Enrollment Management at Buckingham, Browne and Nichols has called Measuring Success’ lookalike demographic prospect analysis ‘Data 2.0’” relative to the current, more generic prospect analysis tools and techniques, which he would classify as ‘Data 1.0.’

Now, Measuring Success has a special offer for your school: We will create a unique model of your school families’ demographic profile and a rank ordered list of prospects uniquely similar to your current families based on a 600-plus variable dataset at a total cost to your school of $12,000. Do the math! Divide your tuition by $12,000 and that is the year one payback from finding merely one extra student through this cutting-edge technique.

Be the first school in your area to utilize this uniquely powerful tool.