WEBINAR for LASSCA Schools: Increasing Enrollment By Increasing Your School's Perceived Value

On October 17th, Dr. Harry Bloom (SVP of Client Solutions at Measuring Success) was honored to address members of the LASSCA community. We give our many thanks to Mark Freund and LASSCA for the opportunity. You can watch the recording below to learn about the relationship between perceived value and enrollment.

Analysis of the past three years of enrollment data from NBOA’s BIIS system indicates that 45% of reporting faith-based schools experienced an enrollment decline during that period, versus 30% that experienced enrollment growth. Measuring Success’ research indicates that what drives enrollment growth is prospective families’ views on whether a school offers superior value on the factors that they value, in contrast to tuition cost, compared to its competition.

In this session, Dr. Bloom discusses a four-step data-driven process used by schools like Justin-Siena High School and St. John’s Preparatory School to increase relative perceived value and enable enrollment growth.

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