Webinar Replay: Rightsizing Your School to Maximize Value for Tuition

Our deepest appreciation to everyone who attended our live webinar yesterday, and our special thanks to everyone who submitted such great questions during the Q&A.

During the webinar, Measuring Success’ Dr. Harry Bloom discussed an innovative process he pioneered in the wake of the 2008-9 Great Recession. The program brings to life case studies from the 30 schools that utilized Benchmarking and Financial Reengineering to enhance their post-Recession finances by $22.5 million, and highlights recent successful projects as well. During the course of the webinar, Dr. Bloom provided “How To” guidance on how to succeed in rightsizing your own school.

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Harry Bloom

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Since Measuring Success published its seminal 2016 research study on the effect of tuition changes on enrollment, many schools have been focused on the issue that most directly drives enrollment: Perceived Value Proposition. In this interactive webinar, Measuring Success will share its learning about the factors that do and do not drive perceived value, and about how to consistently maximize it and grow enrollment.