Webinar Replay: Finding Your School's Most Prime Prospects: Learn to Outperform Google and Facebook Using Prospecting 3.0 Data Science

Our deepest appreciation to everyone who attended our live webinar yesterday, and our special thanks to everyone who submitted such great questions during the Q&A.

During the webinar, Dr. Bloom described the evolution of Independent School prospecting and how Independent Schools can move from outmoded prospecting techniques to Prospecting 3.0 in order to meet the challenges of a highly competitive enrollment environment–which will be even more challenging due to COVID-19 and its impact. Many schools have only generic information about prospects and are relying on social media channels to find their prime prospects. This negates their ability to own direct contact information for these prime prospects and to conduct insightful research to shape highly tailored messages and outreach strategies. There is a better way: Prospecting 3.0! 

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Harry Bloom

To learn more about how your school can use “data 3.0” techniques to improve enrollment and recruitment, contact us at (202) 524-1532 or Harry.Bloom@measuring-success.com.

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