Overcoming Survey Fatigue to Get at the Good Data Your School Needs to Succeed

At Measuring Success, we’ve collected data from more than 1,500 independent schools since 2003. We use general questions that are common among cohorts — so that they can compare themselves to one another — but we also offer schools the ability to customize their surveys. Recently, a school admissions officer […]

The Independent and Jewish Day School Alumni Experience: What the Research Tells Us

By Dr. Harry Bloom, Senior Vice President of Client Solutions, Measuring Success. The alumni of independent schools are a vitally important resource for their alma maters. Their perspectives and testimony are important indicators of their schools’ value. Alumni are potent ambassadors to prospective new families and donors and important potential […]

School Affordability & Sustainability: Chicken or Egg?

By Sacha Litman   The other day, I received a phone call from a board member of a prominent independent school wanting to dis- cuss affordability and the sustainability of the school’s financial model. A foundation supporting independent schools asked the same question of us a few days later. With […]

Reflections from the ISACS Conference: How do we Articulate the Value Added of Independent School Education

By Dr. Ray Levi As a former head of school, I hear myself and others asking: how do we articulate the value added of independent school education? In the changing educational market-place, this question is critical. Often, for prospective families, we define our value added by articulating the numerous distinctive […]