Big Data

The Special Sauce for Meaningfully Improving Parent Perceptions at Your School

By Daniel Chiat Vice President, Measuring Success The school year is almost to the halfway point (right? Can you believe it?). Your parents are now developing a solid, but not entirely unmalleable, belief system about your school. Through their own, and their child’s experiences, they are becoming more settled in […]

Showing Clients How to Put the Metrics We Uncover to Actionable Use

I’m Danna Reuven, a senior analyst at Measuring Success. My job entails working with clients, their stakeholders, and (of course) their data. I grew up in California and went to school in the Midwest. I’ve always supported nonprofits, and in my undergraduate studies, I wanted to learn how nonprofits might […]

Three Key Strategies for Using Data to Increase Enrollment in Southeastern Independent Schools

In 2016, Measuring Success surveyed hundreds of independent schools across the United States and Canada to learn how tuition setting and enrollment outcomes differed regionally and based on underlying demographic factors — and determine what was working and what wasn’t. The results revealed dramatic differences in enrollment trends depending on […]

Case Study: Helping a Hollywood Synagogue Maintain High Standards

As a house of worship with strong cultural traditions, a prime location in the heart of Los Angeles, and deep ties in the community, Temple Israel of Hollywood seems to be doing everything right. Still, synagogue leaders didn’t want to rest on their many successes. In late 2016, they hired […]

Webinar: Sept. 26 “Lessons from Greenhill School”

The webinar is starting at 2PM (Eastern Daylight Time). If you’ve already registered, please follow this link to join! Registration closes once the webinar begins. Look for a link to the recorded webinar later today. The Greenhill School of Dallas, Texas is renowned for the superb quality of its educational program […]

Helping The U.S. Soccer Foundation in Its Quest for Healthier Outcomes for Children

Soccer for Success provides activity and health education for more than 40,000 children in 130 different communities in 26 states. The U.S. Soccer Foundation started the program in 2009 to use soccer as a vehicle for social change and provide communities with the same opportunities for soccer that other organizations […]

New Study: Tuition Increases Don’t Dampen Demand

Do tuition increases adversely affect enrollment in independent schools? Only in rare instances, finds a conclusive new study. In the third major research effort of its kind, a study of “tuition price elasticity” in independent preK-12 schools finds that there is statistically no association between changes in tuition pricing and […]

What Inspires, Or Doesn’t Inspire, Jewish Day School Alumni to Engage With Their Alma Mater?

By Dr. Harry Bloom, Senior Vice President of Client Solutions, Measuring Success. As Jewish day schools work mightily to generate the funds to improve the quality of their programs, maximize mission-compatible enrollment, and strengthen volunteer leadership, they need to tap into every potential resource. I would assert that no available […]

What Jewish Day Schools Do to Graduate Alumni Willing to Advocate for and Patronize Their Alma Maters

By Dr. Harry Bloom, Senior Vice President of Client Solutions, Measuring Success. In the private school world, alumni represent a major source of endowment funding, volunteer and advocacy power, and enrollment potential– when they send their children to their alma maters. This is critical support that Jewish day schools need […]

Measuring Jewish Day Schools through Surveys and Feedback Loops for Continuous Improvement

HAYIDION THE RAVSAK JOURNAL Surveys, Feedback Loops and Continuous Improvement by Sacha Litman Issue: Taking Measure It has become the norm for companies to seek feedback constantly via email or phone surveys after we make a purchase, or to track sentiment (and take corrective actions) about them on social media. […]