Enrollment Growth Program

Why Use the Enrollment Growth Program?

1. uncover your unique value proposition

Every school has unique characteristics that attract prospective families to their front door. The challenge is determining exactly what family’s value most that would cause them to decide to pay your tuition and send their child to your school.  Schools can use that insight to further improve marketing effectiveness. We do extensive research, including surveying your currently enrolled families, alumni and targeted prospective families so that the messaging behind your future marketing pinpoints exactly what people are looking for when choosing where to place their children next school year.

2. Determine Crucial market segments

The days of using the same marketing message for every prospect are over. A key element of our growth program is segmenting potential prospects into cohorts, and then focusing on increasing market share in each one of those cohorts respectively. For the same reason your value proposition is important in creating more effective messaging, being able to see these unique market segments allow us to go a step further and target groups of prospects based on the similar things they value out of a school.

3. Build highly targeted marketing lists

Access to basic lists of random prospects that you can market to are easy to come by these days, but what if you had a list of families in your area that you knew were highly likely to be interested in your school? We call these Lookalike Prospect Lists, because using advanced data science, we’re able to take your currently enrolled families, analyze their key attributes, and then use that data to find new families in your area that are similar to those who are currently enrolled. Marketing to Lookalike prospect lists is significantly more effective than marketing to random people that you hope will be a good fit. Each contact on your Lookalike prospect list includes a ranking as well as which market segment they are a part of so you can personalize your marketing to them accordingly.

4. Create (or improve) your ambassador program

The most effective type of marketing for any business has always been word-of-mouth. Building an ambassador program into your marketing strategy is a proactive way of boosting your word-of-mouth growth by leveraging the passion that satisfied parents and students currently have for your school. When developing an ambassador program at your school, we focus on finding parents who belong to the key market segments where you are trying to increase growth, and then train them to identify and reach out to prospective families and communicate your unique value proposition effectively. We’ve discovered that there are always a handful of motivated parents at each school who are willing to take part in an ambassador program, and we’ve mastered the art of putting a program like this in place effectively.

A key element of our growth program is segmenting potential prospects into cohorts. We then focus on increasing market share in each one of those cohorts respectively. Seeing these unique market segments allow us to target groups based on similar things they value out of a school.

Program Features Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4
Assess Recruitment & Retention X X X X
How to Strengthen School's Performance X X X X
Lookalike Identification of School's Prime Individual Prospects   X X X
Targeted Ranked Database 15k Prospects   X X X
Strategies to Increase Market Share     X X
School-Wide Comprehensive Plan       X
Define Your School's Vital Value Proposition Messaging       X
Marketing Communications Themes & Evidence       X
Written Enrollment Roadmap       X
COST $3,000 $10,500 $22,500 $35,000