Faith Based Organizations


We provide Churches and Synagogues with survey and data tools to better serve congregations. We acquire and analyze data to solve pressing problems by determining the drivers of congregant behavior to ensure engagement, mapping strategies for financial management, and using demographic data to build community.

Congregation Survey

  • Determining the drivers of congregant behaviors
  • Tracking progress and learning what programs and initiatives are having the greatest influence on achieving the mission of your church or synagogue
  • Mapping strategies for improving word-of-mouth disciples
  • Implementing improvement actions based on data-driven evidence

Resource and Market Optimization

  • Finding lookalike congregants in your geographic area
  • Developing long-term financial plans that support increases in revenue and higher return on expenditures
  • Prioritizing donor prospects
  • Developing compensation and volunteer programs to maximize value

Fundraising Research

  • Simulating and testing the financial consequences of various inputs, strategies, and financial decisions
  • Examing the marketplace and gather the data needed to make informed financial decisions
  • Understanding what works for other congregations in your cohort
  • Empowering lay members and clergy to think strategically about long-term viability