How We Help

STEP 1. We Talk

First we talk. We want to learn about your challenges and discuss the ways we can work together. It’s a no-cost, no-obligation chat. 

STEP 2. We work Together

We utilize the tools in our data toolbox.

Tailored Consultation

We customize solutions for your school, association, faith-based organization or nonprofit. 

Data Collection

Using tested methodologies, we gather the necessary information.

Market Research

We mine and match your data for quantitative and qualitative answers. 


We use algorithms to understand trends important to your industry. 

Data Visualization

We report our findings in a visually appealing way that helps you implement solutions. 

STEP 3. We present Deliverables

We end the project with a deliverable — something you can use and keep and refer to for the long haul. 

  • Data visualization
  • Build a data collection platform 
  • Written plan of action (including, but not limited to a strategic plan or enrollment analysis)
  • Longitudinal data sets and visualization (when available)

Let us Help You!