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Successful Strategies for Alumni Engagement

Alumni can have a big impact on your school’s revenue via contributing to a capital campaign, volunteering their time, and generating positive word of mouth. From working with many schools, we’ve seen a variety of alumni engagement strategies. We’ll use three schools we’ve worked with, School A, B, and C […]

What Would Google Do? Leveraging Data Analytics to Grow Your Organization

What makes Google the omnipresent $21 billion leviathan company it has become? Though the company has both an impressive search engine and application suite, Google’s key to success has been its ability to mine data on customers who use Google products for free. Such data allows Google to target customers […]

Is Cost Really the Driver for Member Participation?

Many of our clients have suffered losses in membership, enrollment, or donors. The conclusion tends to be that these losses are caused by increased customer price sensitivity. As a result, many organizations de-cide that the answer is to cut costs, thereby enabling them to reduce the price to consumers. While […]

Optimizing Donor Giving

It is critical for fundraising organizations to focus their limited time and resources on those activities that have the greatest demonstrated impact on giving. To address this need we worked with one of the top consortium of fundraising organizations in the United States to determine which activities and perceptions had […]