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Webinar: Overcoming the Special Recruitment Challenges of Faith Based Schools

WEBINAR RECORDING: overcoming the special enrollment challenges of faith based schools Dr. Harry Bloom of Measuring Success discussed the findings of our field research pertaining to the perceptions of faith based schools, and how to embrace those perceptions to your school’s advantage. The webinar also includes a look at the current […]

Measuring and Increasing Your School’s Perceived Value is Challenging, But Vital and Doable

Measuring and increasing your school’s perceived value is challenging, but vital and doable  By Dr. Harry Bloom Measuring Success is devoted to helping independent schools increase their enrollment and financial vitality through the creative use of research and analytics. These days, one of the most intense areas of interest expressed […]

Webinar Prospecting 3.0

WEBINAR RECORDING: pROSPECTING 3.0 Dr. Harry Bloom of Measuring Success and panelists Geordie Mitchell (Director of Enrollment Management and Strategic Initiatives at Buckingham Browne & Nichols School), Julie Hellmund (Director of Admissions, Saint Mary’s Hall), and Corinne Hall (Director of Admissions, Immanuel Schools) presented an informative, hour-long webinar on May 15th discussing […]

The Five Essential Elements of Non-Profit Strategic Planning

Webinar recording: The five essential elements of non-profit strategic planning Dr. Harry Bloom of Measuring Success and Abbie Weisberg, Executive Director of Keshet, presented an informative, hour-long webinar on March 14th discussing the importance of strategic planning and what non-profit organizations need to consider while drafting their own strategic plan. Learn […]

The Super Bowl of Enrollment

IT IS SUPER BOWL TIME IN FOOTBALL — AND INDependent School ADMISSIONS TOM BRADY HAS ADJUSTED HIS GAME PLAN. HAS YOUR ENROLLMENT MANAGEMENT PROGRAM adjusted theirs? The Big Game is here in football, and the press is full of profiles of Tom Brady, the old phenom who may or may […]

Prizmah Conference 2019

Look for Measuring Success presenters Daniel Chiat and Dr. Harry Bloom at the upcoming Prizmah Conference (2019) in Atlanta, Georgia. Organizers have set forth three days to learn about new possibilities in Jewish education. The event will take place March 10-12 at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis. To register, click HERE.  […]

Webinar SJP – Moving the Needle

Webinar recording: Using comparative Benchmarking to create your school’s roadmap to enhanced sustainability Join Dr. Harry Bloom of Measuring Success with Cynthia Fanikos (CFO of St. John’s Prep) to learn about how St. John’s, a Danvers, MA independent boys school, worked toward a top-to-bottom rundown of the school’s finances. Dr. […]

Webinar Financial Management

JOIN US FOR A WEBINAR ON JAN. 16! Is your school well positioned for a solid financial future? Learn insights from St. John’s Preparatory School (Danvers, MA), a Catholic, Xaverian Brothers-sponsored school for boys in grades 6 through 12 that recently underwent a financial re-engineering process which identified $9 million in […]

Sailing the Data Seas: Getting the Most Out of BIIS

Measuring Success is presenting at the March 2019 National Business Officers Association (NBOA) Annual Meeting in San Diego, California. Along with NBOA’s Mary Kay Kay Markunas (Director, Research and Member Resources), Dr. Harry Bloom and Mark Cross of Measuring Success will talk about the Business Intelligence for Independent Schools (BIIS) […]

Webinar: Faculty Survey

Join Us for a Webinar!2PM on December 13, 2018   Hear from — and interact with — a prominent Head of School (Rabbi Adam Englander) and an esteemed education researcher (Dr. Sarah Birkeland) in a webinar facilitated by Measuring Success (Daniel Chiat) about the benefits of learning valuable feedback from your faculty, […]