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Measuring Jewish Day Schools through Surveys and Feedback Loops for Continuous Improvement

HAYIDION THE RAVSAK JOURNAL Surveys, Feedback Loops and Continuous Improvement by Sacha Litman Issue: Taking Measure It has become the norm for companies to seek feedback constantly via email or phone surveys after we make a purchase, or to track sentiment (and take corrective actions) about them on social media. […]


Linking the (Big) Data Silos for Collective Impact

By Sacha Litman Funders are investing billions of dollars trying to move the needle on a variety of social issues. How do they know, though, if they are funding the right people, programs, and organizations to achieve their desired goals? Take at-risk youth. CEOs of after-school programs and education non-profits […]


Can Innovators be Data-Driven?: Response to “Could the Incessant Demand for Data Kill Innovation in the Nonprofit Sector?

How can data and innovation, with its inherent risk, coexist? In his recent blog post, “Could the Incessant Demand for Data Kill Innovation in the Nonprofit Sector?” nonprofit communications professional and USC Professor Gary Wexler argues that maybe they shouldn’t. Data “may be killing some very good ideas that are […]

Bigger Data, Better Results?

Originally posted in Net Assets, the bimonthly magazine of NBOA. Data can help independent schools attract better potential students, produce stronger educational outcomes and generate more alumni donations. Click here to view pdf.


The Importance of Your Organization’s Perceived Value

As many of our clients suffer losses in membership, enrollment, or donors, the conclusion tends to be that these losses are caused by increased customer price sensitivity. As a result, many organizations decide that the answer is to cut costs, thereby enabling them to reduce the price to consumers. While […]


Is Big Data Too Big for Non-Profits?

Why Big Data remains elusive for the non-profit sector and how collaboration can help By Hannah Romick The words are ubiquitous. Big. Data. Everyone wants it. The for-profit sector has flocked to Big Data like kids to an ice cream truck on a hot summer’s day. This should come as […]

School Affordability & Sustainability: Chicken or Egg?

By Sacha Litman   The other day, I received a phone call from a board member of a prominent independent school wanting to dis- cuss affordability and the sustainability of the school’s financial model. A foundation supporting independent schools asked the same question of us a few days later. With […]

Why Should We Listen to the Voice of the People in our Faith-Based Institutions?

Faith–based communities’ ability to lift their congregations to holiness, as well as draw and retain members, depends on the degree to which the congregation resonates with the ideas and direction of the leadership. The weekly Torah portion read by Jews recently was about the census in Exodus, when Moses asks […]

Upending Tradition: Focusing on the Collective over the Individual

By Hannah Feinberg Romick For many years, social scientists have been working to understand how communities, individuals, and organizations intersect. It used to be that a majority of community members went to church on a Sunday, listened to the an- nouncements about upcoming activities, and met up with friends and […]

Measure, focus, incentivize, COLLABORATE, measure

By Andrew Foote Most human service organizations (schools, faith-based groups, healthcare, senior citizen care, etc.) have commendable and far-reaching goals. Beyond staying financially sustainable, they have the purpose of improving the lives of others. This is not an easy task; there is no handbook for how to develop people spiritually […]