Helping Kids Graduate by Integrating Data Systems

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Linking together data silos so that Organizations with similar goals can talk to each other.

A leading national university sought to understand which interventions were most successful at helping at-risk youth graduate from high school. It had partnered with forty-five nonprofits and after-school programs from the surrounding neighborhood, but struggled to integrate the data from all of them.

We worked with our client to develop a data system that seamlessly integrated inputs from all organizations. The resulting platform presented the aggregate results in a visually easy-to-understand way.

Now, the university and community can compile a longitudinal data-store of information—that shows inputs and patterns over time—to figure out which interventions are working and which are not at the macro level.

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Services Provided

Shared Data Platforms
Measurement and Evaluation


Unprecedented insight into drivers of student outcomes
Ability to improve the future of at-risk youth