Making Life Better for Cancer Survivors

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Helping focus an organization’s resources on the interventions which really matter.

A cancer survivor faces a tough fight. Once a diagnosis is made, there are emotional, financial, and physical obstacles to overcome. By partnering with diverse providers, our client wanted to help mitigate the burden of these challenges, and thus increase survival rates.

The client had relied on an internal dashboard to monitor metrics and communication with partners was one-way. We helped our client design a multi-faceted case management system that translated their data into outcomes. They can now identify short, medium, and long term goals from a data-reporting perspective.

Through its employees, who provide patient advocacy and use information from across agencies and support groups, our client is now better able to offer customized help to individuals. They are also able to compile evidence that speaks to their program’s success, ultimately generating more revenue and additional partners.

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Services Provided

Shared Data Platforms
Measurement and Evaluation


Revenue growth through identification of successful partnerships
Improved services offered to cancer survivors