Mapping a Community through Data

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Helping a Sub-Community within Dallas Understand its Size and Engagement Levels.

It is hard to keep track of people, despite living in the digital age. Working with a specific community in Dallas, we employed Big Data principles to perform a community needs and market research assessment. Community leaders surmised that their population hovered around 50,000, but wondered if perhaps there might be more people they didn’t know about.

Employing data aggregation, data appending, and social media outreach, we learned that the population was in fact 20% higher than expected. The community benefited by gaining names and email addresses of new members who they had lost touch with, thus increasing the reach of their programs and services.

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Services Provided

Stakeholder Mapping and Engagement
Shared Data Platforms
Market Research


Knowledge of new members of the community
Increased engagement and participation by community members