Measuring Success | Using Data to Drive Decisions in Education
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Using Data to Drive Decisions in Education

Helping an independent school strategically plan

Our independent school client in a major Midwestern city struggled to understand parent perceptions. School administrators knew that teachers were communicating admirably with parents, but parents still seemed to want more. For five years in a row and counting, the school decided to perform a survey targeted at understanding parents. We drafted the survey, managed its dissemination, aggregated the results, and analyzed the data. Starting at year one, the school incorporated survey learnings into its strategy. The school discovered that teachers needed to share the benefits of the school’s educational approach with parents. As teachers shared more about the school’s value, parents’ likelihood to recommend the school to friends increased by 10%. Based on feedback that parents desired a greater sense of community, the school also changed open houses to a community format and added activities throughout the year such as moms’ and dads’ night out.

Now that the school has surveyed 1,613 parents, it can benchmark data across years to track improvement. In its quest for improvement, administrators have also decided to survey alumni to better understand giving habits and attitudes.

Services Provided

Survey Creation and Facilitation
Data Visualization
Measurement and Evaluation


Increase in parent satisfaction with school and positive word of mouth
Accurate strategic plan drafted as a result of understanding parent priorities