Tested survey instruments for independent schools

Parent Survey

The Measuring Success Parent Survey, taken by more than 30,000 parents at independent schools across North America, helps to identify factors that impact enrollment and retention by understanding how current, prospective, and past parents perceive the value of your independent school.

The Parent Survey is specifically designed to identify the factors that have the greatest impact on enrollment and retention.

The survey allows you to benchmark your independent school against a database of 30,000 parents, including a self-selected peer group. Third party administration ensures honesty and confidentiality for parents.

Parent surveys allow you to:
  • Inform strategic direction by highlighting areas for improvement
  • Review historical trends (if survey is repeated)
  • Ensure responsiveness to parent concerns
  • Take away the guesswork by using evidence-based practices

Alumni Survey

The Measuring Success Alumni Survey helps school leadership understand their influence and impact on alumni. It also serves to reestablish relationships with potential advocates, ambassadors, and volunteers. The survey delivers “big data” strategies for alumni giving.

Measuring Success has collected more than 10,000 Alumni Survey responses across North America. Schools rely on alumni feedback to learn from recent and older graduates.

The surveys allow your school to keep track of alumni achievements, optimize programming to keep pace with marketplace demands, and solidify a working relationship with graduates.

Alumni surveys can help your school:
  • Gain valuable, objective feedback on school effectiveness in preparing students for higher education, career development, and leadership and life skills
  • Document the value and benefits to potential families
  • Identify donor prospects

Student Survey

The Measuring Success Student Survey is designed specifically to tap into student insights and understanding so that your independent school can act on the student body’s collective voice. Third-party administration maintains security and confidentiality. 

Student Surveys are designed specifically to glean data directly from your students — among your best ambassadors for word-of-mouth marketing to prospective students and families.

Understand the drivers of student retention for more targeted recruitment efforts.

Student surveys will help your school:
  • Measure the school’s impact on students academically, socially, and emotionally
  • Identify areas for improvements in instruction and extracurriculars
  • Understand the perspective of sub-segments of the school population
  • Inform long-term strategic decisions

The Measuring Success Faculty Survey provides school leadership with insights into the experience of faculty and identifies areas for improvement. Third party administration allows you to solicit faculty feedback in a way that makes them able to give honest answers. 

The Faculty Survey is specifically designed to understand the faculty experience in key areas. This gives you insights into the working environment and overall culture at your school. The survey is administered nationally. This lets you benchmark against other schools, giving context to the results.

Measuring Success provides a tailored action plan that is guided by evidence, not anecdotes.

The faculty survey will allow you to:
  • Gauge overall satisfaction
  • Measure “net promoter” score
  • Third-party administration maintains confidentiality and security
  • Benchmark against other independent schools nationally
  • Baseline data to assess improvement
  • Fully administered online survey with (optional) customization
  • On-demand analysis that cuts survey results by a variety of demographic measures
  • Private consultation options to review results and develop a strategic action plan
  • Part of a suite of services that allow you to learn more about your school community
  • Highlight success stories among families in your community
  • Comprehensive and in-depth reporting via Tableau®
  • High response rates due to user-friendly interface

“The work that we have done with Measuring Success has allowed us to deeply examine what the perception is in our community of our program and of our excellence.”

— Dr. Bruce Powell, 
Head of School
De Toledo High School

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  • Ensworth Schools (Nashville, TN) uses our Alumni Survey instruments and data dashboards to check in on alumni.