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The Measuring Success Faculty Survey provides school leadership with insights into the experience of their faculty and identifies areas for improvement. With our third-party confidential administration, you will be able to solicit feedback from your faculty in a way that makes them feel safe and able to give honest answers

The Faculty Survey is specifically designed to understand the faculty experience in key areas. This gives you insights into the working environment and overall culture at your school. 

The faculty survey is administered nationally. This lets you benchmark against other schools, giving context to the results. Measuring Success provides a tailored action plan that is guided by evidence, not anecdotes. 

Faculty Surveys will allow you to:

  • Gauge overall satisfaction
  • Measure “net promoter” score 
  • Third-party administration maintains confidentiality and security
  • Benchmark against other independent schools nationally
  • Baseline data to assess improvement


  • Fully administered online survey with (optional) customization.
  • Comprehensive and in-depth reporting via Tableau®.
  • Private consultation options to review results and develop a strategic action plan.


  • On-demand analysis that cuts survey results by a variety of demographic measures.
  • Field-tested nationally.
  • Part of a suite of services that allow you to learn more about your school community. 

Survey Topics Include:

  • Leadership and Culture
  • Academics
  • Professional Development
  • Interactions with Parents
  • Collaboration
  • Evaluation
  • “Tools for Success”

Price includes survey administration, data analysis and dynamic dashboard, videoconference consultation, 
action plan, and access to periodic webinars for participating schools to share experiences and learn best practices:


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