enrollment GROWTH program

Over the last 18 years, Measuring Success has helped hundreds of schools increase enrollment.  We can help you unlock cutting edge strategies to increase enrollment by leveraging data science and market research. With so much going on, we know it can be challenging for school personnel to find time to develop and implement sophisticated new recruiting processes on their own.  We can help! We have four cost effective levels of support to help you increase your school’s enrollment, sure to provide a strong ROI on the investment.

David Holquin, President, Justin-Sienna High School

“I am so grateful for the partnership we had between Measuring Success and Justin-Siena High School. Measuring Success helped us unlock some latent potential we had relative to our value proposition. They helped us name what made us unique and worth our tuition. They helped us move away from simply anecdotes to using data and measuring our relative worth. In fact, in the spring of 2019 when we retained their services, we had projected an enrollment of 520 students, yet welcomed 545 young people! We beat our long-term plan by 3 years in just one summer with the help of Measuring Success. The support, encouragement, tools, and information were truly valuable, and I am grateful to Measuring Success for their work.”