Ensure School Sustainability With The Measuring Success Strategic Financial Planning Process

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We helped Greenhill School identify $5 Million in combined savings and new revenue over 5 years!

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Our financial planning process led St. John’s Prep to uncover $9 Million in combined savings and new revenue over 5 years!

 Our process yields an actionable plan that is:

    • Strategic, utilizing Level 3 benchmarking analysis of local and national peers;
    • Comprehensive in looking at all drivers of revenue, asset utilization, & expenditures;
    • Accessible to staff from all departments as a result of Measuring Success’ expert facilitation;
    • Designed for implementation—the resulting plan encourages “buy-in” from staff as they define areas of focus; and has,
    • High integrity due to Measuring Success’ analytical and research support.

Watch Cynthia describe how Measuring Success helped St. John’s Prep.

“The discussions led by Measuring Success took our leadership team into a deep dive, honest assessment of each individual department. With the help of their guidance and partnership, the school is well supported in stewarding its financial resources and ensuring that the value of a Prep education remains affordable and accessible in future years.”

– Cynthia Fanikos, Associate Head of School for Finance/CFO, St. John’s Prep

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