Achieve Predictable Enrollment Growth with the Measuring Success Strategic Recruitment and Retention Program

Grow Enrollment!

Our Recruitment and Retention program is analytically- and research-based, and driven by results. We help schools find and reach their best prospects quickly to improve enrollment.

Our Recruitment and Retention Program has been implemented in schools across the United States! 

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Our Program Delivers:

Target Customer Definition

  • Research based and analytically grounded definition of your school’s prime prospects, including
      • Lookalike individuals
      • Target Market Segments

Value Proposition Messaging

  • Research-determined value proposition messaging that will appeal to your school’s prime target prospects
  • Determine the required evidence of school outcomes

Channel Strategy

  • Documentation of parent, student, and faculty ambassador programming required
  • Identification of marketing communication channels with the highest potential to reach your school’s unique prospects

Trackable Plan

  • Detailed, trackable plan for achieving enrollment growth, including: actions, responsibilities, timelines, achievement milestones, and success measures

For more information about implementing a strong strategic recruitment and retention plan, contact Dr. Harry Bloom.

Harry Bloom

Dr. Harry Bloom

SVP of Client Solutions

(202) 524-1532