Measuring Success provided the objective, relevant, and actionable data we needed as leadership to make decisions that would ensure the long-term sustainability of our school. They gave us a comprehensive and thorough look at our operations and market. Moreover, Measuring Success coached us through the decision-making process. They truly saw themselves as partners in our success.
Colleen Peabody
Vice President for Advancement
Marian Catholic High School (IL)
Thank you so much for all that you and your amazing staff have accomplished for us. It has allowed me to visualize opportunities that will certainly be prosperous for us in the future. Your work can change the game for us.
Maryellen Rock
Director of Admissions
Edgewood High School of the Sacred Heart(WI)
Thank you and your team, Harry. The information and analysis you provided us is invaluable. We see great opportunities.
Michael Brennan
Holy Family Catholic High School (MN)
Working with Measuring Success has been an eye-opening experience. They have helped us to re-evaluate how we look at recruitment/retention and financial planning/stewardship. They have not just helped us improve procedures, but more importantly, challenged us to look at things through a different lens. Measuring Success, especially Harry Bloom, have walked us through this paradigm shift of focus. Their ability to produce and evaluate data is second to none. They have modeled for us the importance of using relevant and useful data to make wise decisions when it comes to planning for our future. It has been a very rewarding process for Immanuel Schools and I highly recommend hiring Measuring Success. It has been worth every penny.
Ryan Wood
Immanuel Schools (CA)
Thank you for sharing your time yesterday during our PAISBOA data review. I wish to express my sincere gratitude for your product. The Measuring Success survey tool is so very helpful to me and to our school. Entering the data was easier than it has ever been.  More importantly, the output from this tool is so very powerful.  The benchmarking data and the related graphs help shape conversations and conclusions of our finance committee as well as our board. The overall benefit from this tool far exceeds any other survey tools that I've used. Many thanks!”
Mark Murray, CPA, MBA
Director of Finances and Operations
I am so grateful for the partnership we had between Measuring Success and Justin-Siena High School. Measuring Success helped us unlock some latent potential we had relative to our value proposition. They helped us name what made us unique and worth our tuition. They helped us move away from simply anecdotes to using data and measuring our relative worth. In fact, in the spring of 2019 when we retained their services, we had projected an enrollment of 520 students, yet welcomed 545 young people! We beat our long-term plan by 3 years in just one summer with the help of Measuring Success. The support, encouragement, tools, and information was truly valuable, and I am grateful to Measuring Success for their work.
David Holquin
De La Salle High School (CA)
In an effort to measure the impact of the Ensworth experience on our graduates, we are fortunate to partner with Measuring Success, a national firm with a rigorous approach to data analytics,  as we attempt to understand Ensworth’s impact on our alumni. This firm focuses on non-profits, and they have worked with more than 600 independent schools over the last ten years. Measuring Success helped us craft the survey questions, and continues to collect and analyze the data from our alums and their parents each year, while also providing us with peer benchmarking. Over a period of five years, Measuring Success is providing us with a continuous feedback loop to support data-driven decision-making on an ongoing basis. The survey analytics have become an important tool as we work to refine and improve our program, and those with whom we work at Measuring Success have been detailed, responsive, nimble in their ability to individualize our product, knowledgeable, and exceptionally helpful..
Sarah Buchanan
Enrollment Director
Ensworth School (TN)
The data that has been collected since the WFS program started three years ago has helped the foundation and the nonprofits uncover key insights to help improve living conditions of the working poor in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. One of the findings was that clients who received bundled services received a salary that was 176 percent greater than those who don’t use multiple services.
Wende Burton
Director, Community Philanthropy
Communities Foundation of Texas (TX)
Measuring Success allowed us to take the time and analyze where the school is today in order to strategically plan for the future. The discussions led by Measuring Success took our leadership team into a deep dive, honest assessment of each individual department. With the help of their guidance and partnership, the school is well supported in stewarding its financial resources and ensuring that the value of a prep education remains affordable and accessible in future years.
Cynthia Fanikos
Chief Financial Officer
St. John's Prep (MA)
Your work with us was very helpful in helping CBA get a better understanding of towns where we could see potential growth, and also how we could develop new strategies for marketing. I appreciate the time you took to find out about CBA and our surrounding area. The data, insights, and suggestions you provided for us have been a great benefit already. I am certain that this information will have a positive impact on our enrollment numbers both now and in the coming years.
Brother Frank Byrne, FSC
Christian Brothers Academy (NJ)
Measuring Success helped us adopt an objective, data-driven approach to marketing our school. Under the leadership of Dr. Harry Bloom, the team designed and executed consumer and professional research that yielded valuable insights which informed conversations among senior administrators and trustees. Working together, we articulated marketing questions, collected and analyzed quantitative and qualitative data, and framed possible solutions. We adopted specific strategies for telling our story to targeted markets in order to attract new families to our school. Overall, we were very satisfied with our experience working with Measuring Success.
Carolyn Salzman
Emeritus Head of School
The Gateway School (NY)
It is with pleasure that I share my highest endorsement for the work of Measuring Success. Being provided with targeted, well-researched, actionable data is integral to sustainability for an independent school. The caring and compassionate approach that Harry Bloom and Daniel Chiat have taken in their interactions with our current families, at La Jolla Country Day School, to understand their experiences and to glean how we might improve upon “the customer journey” is so meaningful. Further, Measuring Success responds to clients promptly and forecasts what will be needed to allow a school to maximize the efficacy of the work that they have provided. Measuring Success is an organization with integrity and intellectual talent. A wonderful combination. 
Inez Odom
Former Director of Enrollment Management
La Jolla Country Day School (CA)
Cretin-Derham Hall has been working with Harry Bloom and Measuring Success for the past several months in the areas of student recruitment and financial sustainability. We have been very pleased with the work and value they have provided, and in particular, with their ability to utilize data and research to provide insights on how our school can grow and utilize its resources most effectively.
Frank Miley
Cretin-Derham Hall (MN)
The enrollment management strategic plan is excellent, and I am excited and energized by the important work ahead. I especially value who you’ve specifically tasked for each goal, and as you know, measurability is KEY. We just had our last Board meeting of the year, and your plan and work with us was VERY well received... All that to say, I am grateful.
Jonathan Eades
Emeritus Head of School
Saint Mary's Hall (TX)
Head of School
Kinkaid School (TX)
In today’s nonprofit world, data is essential not only for us to monitor the impact of the programs that we’re making, but to show the work to key stakeholders,” said Zach Riggle, senior program officer with the U.S. Soccer Foundation. “There’s a real appetite for the hard data.”
Zach Riggle
Senior Program Officer
U.S. Soccer Foundation (DC)
Thank you for the summary report for the enrollment growth plan. This report is thorough and gives us a good road map to begin lots of important work. Thank you for all of your help, we’re very excited for the future of PBDA!
Lourdes Fanjul
Board Chair
Palm Beach Day Academy (FL)
The work that we have done with Measuring Success allowed us to deeply examine what the perception is in our community of our program and of our excellence.  We were able to make adjustments to that excellence, increase that excellence and attract more families who can pay the full tuition, who thereby demand that level of excellence.
Bruce Powell
Emeritus Head of School
de Toledo High School (CA)
I've worked with Measuring Success for 5+ years and have been impressed with their expertise in crafting survey questions and synthesizing data so that organizational leaders can make data-informed decisions.  Moreover, Daniel and his team are quick to respond to questions and issues and always willing to assist to ensure the success of the project.
Lori Tedjske
Manager of Fulfillment
Support and Leadership Consultant
Catholic Leadership Institute (PA)
We are committed to a four-pronged effort based on Harry’s endorsement. We are certainly grateful for all the guidance; the analytical research support that Measuring Success provided to us as well as the qualitative deep dives that we have been able to do. It has charted an exciting path for us as we are moving forward.
Stephen Steiner
Briarwood Christian School (AL)
I am proud to share that, with the exception of Grade 1, our lower school is full this year. Additionally, and even more exciting, is that our 2021-2022 LS inquiries are up 42% from last year and our LS apps are up 47%. While some of this is due to our ability to offer a safe, in person learning experience for our students this year, it is also in large part due to our partnership with Measuring Success. Long winded way of saying, thank you!
Brian Murphy
Dir. of Finan. Assist. & Enroll. Mgmt. La Jolla Country Day School (CA)
I decided to work with Measuring Success to create an improvement plan informed by what our parent body thinks about our school. Our enrollment was high, but we wanted to get a deeper sense of what we thought anecdotally. We had an overall great experience. We learned a lot, and it allowed us to have a better sense of what the reality is in terms of the perception of our parents, our primary customers. It allowed us to make actionable goals
Rabbi Adam Englander
Head of School
Hebrew Academy of Long Beach (NY)
We are a K-12 school and we serve a big community in 23 cities. We found ourselves at a stagnant point and were not getting the word out. Meeting with Measuring Success we learned that we cannot just sit back and wait for people to come to us. Measuring Success’ lookalike demographic analysis revealed significant full pay growth potential. We have also implemented a Director of Marketing and along with the student and parent ambassadors we can target specific market segments. Our community is excited about what Measuring Success has offered us the direction they have taken us. Our teachers, our students, and our families are all in.
Corinne Hall
Director of Admissions
Immanuel Schools (CA)
Measuring Success opened my thoughts to new ways to put the data to use.
Martha Ambros
Executive Director
Geordie Mitchell, Director of Enrollment Management at BB&N, has called Measuring Success’ lookalike demographic prospect analysis ‘Data 2.0’ relative to the current, more generic prospect analysis tools and techniques, which he would classify as ‘Data 1.0.’
Geordie Mitchell
Assistant Head of School for Enrollment Management and Outreach
La Jolla Country Day School (CA)
The Posnack Jewish Day School has experienced unprecedented growth over the last five years with enrollment doubling from 400 students to over 800 students (K-12). The magnitude of this growth requires tremendous strategic planning in order to achieve successful outcomes. It is at times like this that our school looks to Measuring Success and Harry Bloom for their sophisticated data sources and feasibility modeling. I cannot imagine making multi-million dollar strategic decisions about going into new markets without the strength of information and data provided by Measuring Success.
Dr. Richard Cuenca
Head of School
David Posnack Jewish Day School (FL)
It enabled me to pull out exactly what I needed to tell the story of all the work we’ve done over the past year,” she said. “I was able to show the panel how much we know about using data and how many crucial outcomes we are able to track. This alone was impressive, not to mention the actual figures shared on how households are improving. We truly appreciate all your excellent work throughout the cohort process and thanks especially for the support with this big ask.
Kassidy Birdsong
Program Manager
CitySquare (TX)
We wanted someone to push us in ways we hadn’t thought of previously. Someone with a broader point of view and who had worked with other schools. That’s why we chose Measuring Success. We’re very pleased with the results.
Scott Griggs
Executive Director, ISAS
Former Head of School
Greenhill School (TX)
I knew that my team and I were going to burn out if we didn’t make a change. I was fortunate to hear this presentation from Dr. Harry Bloom, and it was like an aha moment for me. Using the research and focus groups we’ve defined our market segments. Working with Measuring Success we have created this strategic recruitment and retention plan. We have defined and cultivated our target market segments. We are refining our student and parent ambassador program. Harry has provided us with a target lookalike database, and we will have consistent research driven market messaging. We are really working smarter, not harder.
Julie Hellmund
Director of Admissions
Saint Mary's Hall (TX)