Measuring Success opened my thoughts to new ways to put the data to use.
Martha Ambros
Executive Director
The data that has been collected since the WFS program started three years ago has helped the foundation and the nonprofits uncover key insights to help improve living conditions of the working poor in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. One of the findings was that clients who received bundled services received a salary that was 176 percent greater than those who don’t use multiple services.
Wende Burton
Director Community Philanthropy
Communities Foundation of Texas (TX)
Thank you for sharing your time yesterday during our PAISBOA data review. I wish to express my sincere gratitude for your product. The Measuring Success survey tool is so very helpful to me and to our school. Entering the data was easier than it has ever been. More importantly, the output from this tool is so very powerful. The benchmarking data and the related graphs help shape conversations and conclusions of our finance committee as well as our board. The overall benefit from this tool far exceeds any other survey tools that I've used. Many thanks!
Mark Murray, CPA, MBA
Director of Finances and Operations
In today’s nonprofit world, data is essential not only for us to monitor the impact of the programs that we’re making, but to show the work to key stakeholders,” said Zach Riggle, senior program officer with the U.S. Soccer Foundation. “There’s a real appetite for the hard data.
Zach Riggle
Senior Program Officer
U.S. Soccer Foundation (DC)
I've worked with Measuring Success for 5+ years and have been impressed with their expertise in crafting survey questions and synthesizing data so that organizational leaders can make data-informed decisions. Moreover, Daniel and his team are quick to respond to questions and issues and always willing to assist to ensure the success of the project.
Lori Tedjske
Manager of Fulfillment Support and Leadership Consultant
Catholic Leadership Institute (PA)
It enabled me to pull out exactly what I needed to tell the story of all the work we’ve done over the past year. I was able to show the panel how much we know about using data and how many crucial outcomes we are able to track. This alone was impressive, not to mention the actual figures shared on how households are improving. We truly appreciate all your excellent work throughout the cohort process and thanks especially for the support with this big ask.
Kaddidy Birdsong
Program Manager
CitySquare (TX)