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Having spent my career in multinational corporations, the Measuring Success team helped me bridge the gap from anecdotal data to real actionable intelligence. Their partnership enabled us to build a sound strategic plan that’s realistic and focuses our limited resources on the things that will move the needle in both the short and long term.
Chris Ormsby
Chair, Board of Directors
Marian Catholic High School (IL)
Measuring Success has helped to demonstrate the value of data-driven decision making for our admissions and marketing teams. We have received the tools needed to enhance existing programs while also gaining valuable insight on how to prioritize high-potential, low-yield market segments to sustain enrollment. Measuring Success has shown us how to transform anecdotal evidence and informal word-of-mouth marketing into verifiable results-oriented support and sustainable peer to peer marketing through the use of formal ambassador programs.
Brother Dennis Malloy
La Salle Academy
Thank you and your team, Harry. The information and analysis you provided us is invaluable. We see great opportunities.
Michael Brennan
Holy Family Catholic High School (MN)
Measuring Success provided the objective, relevant, and actionable data we needed as leadership to make decisions that would ensure the long-term sustainability of our school. They gave us a comprehensive and thorough look at our operations and market. Moreover, Measuring Success coached us through the decision-making process. They truly saw themselves as partners in our success.
Colleen Peabody
Vice President for Advancement
Marian Catholic High School (IL)
The consultation services with Measuring Success was a welcome resource to Archbishop Williams High School. In conversation with the experts on the Measuring Success team, we were able to collaboratively develop a highly detailed yet focused recruitment and marketing plan that we can use for years to come. By the end of our work with Measuring Success, AWHS had a waitlist for every grade, a first in our school's history. I am incredibly grateful to Harry Bloom and his team for their time, efforts, energy and most importantly, guidance.
Nicole Mollica
Director of Admissions
Archbishop Williams High School (MA)
Thank you so much for all that you and your amazing staff have accomplished for us. It has allowed me to visualize opportunities that will certainly be prosperous for us in the future. Your work can change the game for us.
Maryellen Rock
Director of Admissions
Edgewood High School of the Sacred Heart (WI)
Your work with us was very helpful in helping CBA get a better understanding of towns where we could see potential growth, and how we could develop new strategies for marketing. I appreciate the time you took to find out about CBA and our surrounding area. The data, insights, and suggestions you provided for us have been a great benefit already. I am certain that this information will have a positive impact on our enrollment numbers both now and in the coming years.
Brother Frank Byrne, FSC
Auxiliary Provincial, The Brothers of the Christian Schools District of Eastern North America
Former President, Christian Brothers Academy (NJ)
I am so grateful for the partnership we had between Measuring Success and Justin-Siena High School. Measuring Success helped us unlock some latent potential we had relative to our value proposition. They helped us name what made us unique and worth our tuition. They helped us move away from simply anecdotes to using data and measuring our relative worth. In fact, in the spring of 2019 when we retained their services, we had projected an enrollment of 520 students, yet welcomed 545 young people! We beat our long-term plan by 3 years in just one summer with the help of Measuring Success. The support, encouragement, tools, and information was truly valuable, and I am grateful to Measuring Success for their work.
David Holquin
President, De La Salle High School (CA)
Former President, Justin-Siena High School (CA)
Measuring Success allowed us to take the time and analyze where the school is today in order to strategically plan for the future. The discussions led by Measuring Success took our leadership team into a deep dive, honest assessment of each individual department. With the help of their guidance and partnership, the school is well supported in stewarding its financial resources and ensuring that the value of a prep education remains affordable and accessible in future years.
Cynthia Fanikos
Chief Financial Officer
St. John's Prep (MA)
Cretin-Derham Hall has been working with Harry Bloom and Measuring Success in the areas of student recruitment and financial sustainability. We have been very pleased with the work and value they have provided, and in particular, with their ability to utilize data and research to provide insights on how our school can grow and utilize its resources most effectively.
Frank Miley
Cretin-Derham Hall (MN)
The work that we have done with Measuring Success allowed us to deeply examine what the perception is in our community of our program and of our excellence. We were able to make adjustments to that excellence, increase that excellence and attract more families who can pay the full tuition, who thereby demand that level of excellence
Bruce Powell
President, Jewish School Management, Inc
Emeritus Head of School, de Toledo High School (CA)
Measuring Success helped us meet a lot of needs for us that will allow us to achieve the greatest potential return. They illustrated real definable steps and measures that are both analytical and thoughtful to allow for continued growth at Brother Rice. We will continue to evaluate our approach as we go forward by using the lookalike factor and demographic analysis to know we are targeting the best markets.
Mark Donahue
Brother Rice High School (IL)
We are committed to a four-pronged effort based on Harry’s endorsement. We are certainly grateful for all the guidance; the analytical research support that Measuring Success provided to us as well as the qualitative deep dives that we have been able to do. It has charted an exciting path for us as we are moving forward.
Stephen Steiner
Briarwood Christian School (AL)
The Posnack Jewish Day School has experienced unprecedented growth over the last five years with enrollment doubling from 400 students to over 800 students (K-12). The magnitude of this growth requires tremendous strategic planning in order to achieve successful outcomes. It is at times like this that our school looks to Measuring Success and Harry Bloom for their sophisticated data sources and feasibility modeling. I cannot imagine making multi-million dollar strategic decisions about going into new markets without the strength of information and data provided by Measuring Success.
Dr. Richard Cuenca
Head of School
David Posnack Jewish Day School (FL)
I decided to work with Measuring Success to create an improvement plan informed by what our parent body thinks about our school. Our enrollment was high, but we wanted to get a deeper sense of what we thought anecdotally. We had an overall great experience. We learned a lot, and it allowed us to have a better sense of what the reality is in terms of the perception of our parents, our primary customers. It allowed us to make actionable goals
Rabbi Adam Englander
Head of School
Hebrew Academy of Long Beach (NY)