We Help Those Who Do Good Do Better With Data.

Who We Help

Independent Schools

Improving financial sustainability, recruitment and retention, and parent satisfaction using data. 

School Associations

Advancing the academic and business interests of the independent schools you serve. 

Faith-Based organizations

Solving your most pressing problems by determining the drivers of congregant behavior. 

Foundations & nonprofits

Acquiring and analyzing data to optimize collective impact. 

About Measuring Success

Since 2003, Measuring Success has worked with hundreds of schools, foundations, and non-profits to improve their effectiveness. Our expertise includes data collection, analysis, and aggregation. We help find the information you need to enhance strategic and tactical decision-making. Our process demystifies data and helps infuse data-driven thinking throughout your organizational culture. We approach our clients as partners. We believe the best solutions emerge from a deep immersion in our clients’ subject matters. 

Tailored Consultation

We customize solutions for your school, association, faith-based organization or nonprofit. 

Data Collection

Using tested methodologies, we gather the necessary information.

Market Research

We mine and match your data for quantitative and qualitative answers. 


We use algorithms to understand trends important to your industry. 

Data Visualization

We report our findings in a visually appealing way that helps you implement solutions. 

Data Analytics.

Work smarter. For organizations big and small. 

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