How We Support Schools

  • Learning how to sharpen your school’s value proposition
  • Developing market segmentation strategies
  • Powering up word of mouth marketing campaigns
  • Increasing parent and student satisfaction
  • Developing tailored alumni engagement strategies
  • Using benchmarking to identify significant sustainability boosting strategies
  • Developing long-term financial plans that support increases in revenue and higher return on expenditures
  • Prioritizing donor prospects
  • Developing compensation programs that motivate faculty members
  • Pinpointing and understanding underlying causes of satisfaction and dissatisfaction
  • Identifying key drivers of higher Net Promoter Scores
  • Understanding how best to communicate with and engage future prospects
  • Using pulse surveys to track improvements in parent and student satisfaction 
  • Experienced strategic planners guide your team through the process with a focus on implementability from start to finish
  • Comprehensive SWOT analysis that establishes foundation for success
  • Facilitated goal-setting working sessions
  • Quarterly reviews of progress as a post-planning feature

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About Measuring Success

Since 2003, Measuring Success has helped hundreds of mission driven organizations use data science and research to solve their biggest challenges and exceed their most critical goals. Our expertise includes data strategy; data collection, analysis, and analytics; reporting, benchmarking, business intelligence and visualization; research and subject matter expertise.

Helping Mission Driven Organizations Solve their Biggest Challenges since 2003

Using Data Science, Analytics and Research

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