Tuition Setting using data: A Webinar

Dr. Harry Bloom of Measuring Success and Larry Capuzzi of Episcopal Academy presented an informative, hour-long webinar on November 14 (2018) to continue a conversation about how independent schools set tuition.

During the session, Dr. Bloom discussed how some schools go about setting tuition by doing things the way they’ve always been done. He explained how schools might be setting tuition too low for their unique value proposition, while other schools might be setting it too high. He discussed how to use data and market research to improve on the methodologies for setting tuition just right. 

Larry Capuzzi shared how his Pennsylvania-based school, Episcopal Academy, has not only survived, but thrived, during a time that has been challenging for many independent schools. 

Enjoy the rebroadcast of the webinar and feel free to share the link with your colleagues!