enrollment GROWTH program

We know it can be challenging for school leadership to find time to develop and implement sophisticated new recruiting strategies on their own. Over the last 18 years, Measuring Success has helped hundreds of schools positively impact enrollment. We help you unlock cutting edge strategies to bolster enrollment by leveraging data science and market research. Our four support options are each designed to provide your school with a strong return on investment.​

OPTION 1:  Recruitment and Retention Practices

We assess your recruitment and retention processes using our proprietary assessment tool that encompasses 80 best practices.

Includes areas such as:

  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Market Segment and Ambassadorship
  • Pipeline Management
  • Tuition Assistance
  • Branding and Communication
  • Retention Management
  • Data Management

                                           Priced at $3,000

OPTION 3:    Recruitment and Retention Practices, Identifies Your Prime Individual Enrollment Growth Prospects, and In Depth Market Research To Identify Required Value Proposition Marketing  

Measuring Success will utilize its proprietary Recruitment and Retention Best Practice Assessment Tool and its mastery of demographic analysis and Big Data to provide your enrollment management team with a toolkit to achieve enrollment growth.


  • Everything from Option 1 & 2 PLUS
  • Identification of the target market segments that offer your school its best prospects to enroll groups of students from target feeder schools, employers, and membership organizations
  • In depth market research to help your school define strategies for increasing market share within those segments

                      Priced at $22,500

OPTION 2:   Recruitment and Retention Practices and Identifies Your Prime Individual Enrollment Growth Prospects  

Using Demographic Analysis and Big Data technology along with intimate knowledge of Recruitment and Retention best practices, Measuring Success will provide your enrollment management team with key tools that will increase its effectiveness.

This option includes:

  • Everything from Option 1 PLUS
  • Utilizating our proprietary “Lookalike (TM) Prospecting Tool” that employs sophisticated Big Data techniques to identify those families most likely to enroll in your school (includes their contact information). A targeted database of 15,000 prospects ranked in terms of their similarity to your current families plus their available contact information provided.

                                          Priced at $10,500

OPTION 4:   Strategic Recruitment and Retention Plan that Includes all of the Elements to help Management and Marketing Teams Maximize Enrollment Potential

This planning framework has a great track record helping schools proactively increase their enrollment because of its comprehensiveness, rigor, and track-ability.  What gets measured, gets managed!


  • Everything from Options 1, 2 & 3 PLUS
  • In-depth market research to help define your schools vital value proposition messaging to convert prospects into enrolled families
  • Definition of marketing communications themes and evidence you will need to communicate to your prime enrollment prospects  
  • A written enrollment growth roadmap that defines key actions, responsible parties, timeframes, measures of achievement, and success measures 

                                         Priced at $35,000

David Holquin, President, Justin-Siena High School

“I am so grateful for the partnership we had between Measuring Success and Justin-Siena High School. Measuring Success helped us unlock some latent potential we had relative to our value proposition. They helped us name what made us unique and worth our tuition. They helped us move away from simply anecdotes to using data and measuring our relative worth. In fact, in the spring of 2019 when we retained their services, we had projected an enrollment of 520 students, yet welcomed 545 young people! We beat our long-term plan by 3 years in just one summer with the help of Measuring Success. The support, encouragement, tools, and information were truly valuable, and I am grateful to Measuring Success for their work.”