Building a Data-Driven

Targeted Prospect List

The "Lookalike" approach

1. Define Your Families

We start with a list of your current families to see what makes them tick. We match up to 1,500 attributes. To start, we just need basic contact information from your current families. 

  • Name
  • Address

2. Model the Data

Using your current family list, we build a lookalike model of the top traits of your families to see what characteristics are most important.

  • Wealth
  • Location
  • Politics   
  • Religion
  • Children 
  • Home

3. Match & Compare

We match the modeled information to an acquired list of consumer and public data in the geographic area of your school. 

  • Shopping Habits
  • Real Estate
  • Google
  • Subscriptions

4. List Ranking

The data reveals the families in your community that most match the families already in your school community. We rank the families to give you the most relevant prospects for you to reach out to. 

  • We look for the top 2 to 4 percent

5. Market Research

Once we identify the best matched prospect families, we can help you understand what motivates their shcool choice decisions (and their perceptions of your school). 

  • Survey
  • Focus Groups. 

6. Outreach

By understanding what motivates prospective families, you can use that to craft targeted value proposition statements and communicate with market segments on issues of importance. 

Put it to work!


The list includes verified email addresses of the target families. 

Social Media

Use value propositions and email to target specific market segments.


Parent ambassadors help word-of-mouth outreach in their area.


Using identified interests, invite prospects to open houses and wow events.

Recruitment and Retention

Enroll new students and keep existing families.

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