Measuring Success | School Associations
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School Associations


We support the work of Independent School Associations with data collection and analytics. Independent school associations exist to advance the academic and business interests of the independent schools they serve. Measuring Success strengthens their work by providing tailored data analytics tools to share with partner schools.

Student Recruitment and Retention

  • Developing models for schools to use in meeting specific recruitment goals
  • Sharpening the value proposition of independent schools
  • Developing market segmentation strategies
  • Increasing parent and student satisfaction
  • Developing tailored alumni engagement strategies

Resource Optimization

  • Looking at trends in faculty and staff compensation and talent acquisition
  • Developing long-term financial plans that support increases in revenue and higher return on expenditures
  • Helping cohorts to prioritize donor prospects
  • Conducting research to determine trends and needs in the independent school marketplace

Market Research

  • Working with regional and national school associations to understand decision-making in tuition price setting
  • Looking across cohorts to understand how best to communicate with and engage prospective facilities
  • Developing systems to guide schools in individual and collective decision-making strategies

Download information about our surveys for independent schools:

MS Parent SurveyParent (PDF) MS Alumni SurveyAlumni (PDF) MS Student SurveyStudent (PDF)