Hayidion: What Current – and Prospective – Jewish Day School Parents Think About Day School

By Daniel Chiat, Dan Perla and Traci Stratford in the Summer 2018 issue of Hayidion. For the complete issue, please visit the link here. Click on the cover below to open a PDF of the article.

CASE STUDY: Helping a Chicago Social Services Agency Create a Plan for a Sustainable Future

Keshet is a faith-based organization that provides a wide range of services for children and adults with intellectual challenges. They found themselves in need of a strategic planning process because they had a surplus of ideas and clients, but lacked the management and governance structures to keep pace with the […]

Showing Clients How to Put the Metrics We Uncover to Actionable Use

I’m Danna Reuven, a senior analyst at Measuring Success. My job entails working with clients, their stakeholders, and (of course) their data. I grew up in California and went to school in the Midwest. I’ve always supported nonprofits, and in my undergraduate studies, I wanted to learn how nonprofits might […]

Case Study: Helping a Hollywood Synagogue Maintain High Standards

As a house of worship with strong cultural traditions, a prime location in the heart of Los Angeles, and deep ties in the community, Temple Israel of Hollywood seems to be doing everything right. Still, synagogue leaders didn’t want to rest on their many successes. In late 2016, they hired […]

Big Data: Strengthening a Congregation

Utilizing data-driven benchmarking to sustain and grow your flock By Dr. Harry Bloom Studies show that participation in organized religion in North America has been on the decline in recent years. While research indicates that Americans’ involvement has decreased, studies simultaneously show that a majority of congregations consider themselves to […]

Why Should We Listen to the Voice of the People in our Faith-Based Institutions?

Faith–based communities’ ability to lift their congregations to holiness, as well as draw and retain members, depends on the degree to which the congregation resonates with the ideas and direction of the leadership. The weekly Torah portion read by Jews recently was about the census in Exodus, when Moses asks […]