LASSCA Conference 2020

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New Realities and imperatives in Enrollment Management: Challenging the Status Quo

One third of independent schools are facing significant enrollment declines while another third of schools are struggling to stay even—and faith based schools are faring even worse. What is needed: a more proactive approach, including leveraging tailored prospecting data and market segmentation, creative research to identify “must communicate” value proposition messaging, and strengthening outreach channels to prospects. Accomplishing this will involve changes in organizational structure, competencies, and measures and rewards.

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Creating a New Data-Driven Financial Sustainability Reality for your school

Given pressures to moderate tuition increases while enhancing perceived school value, it has never been more important for schools to systematically identify ways to ensure every dollar of expenditure is put to optimal use and every dollar of non-tuition revenue maximized. Join us in a hands-on workshop to use Level 3 Benchmarking and Financial Reengineering to systematically increase your school’s affordability and sustainability. 

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Dr. Harry Bloom

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