Strategic Planning

“Measuring Success provided the objective, relevant, and actionable data we needed as leadership to make decisions that would ensure the long-term sustainability of our school. They gave us a comprehensive and thorough look at our operations and market. Moreover, Measuring Success coached us through the decision-making process. They truly saw themselves as partners in our success.”
– Colleen Peabody, Vice President of Advancement

Program Features

  • Experienced strategic planners guide your team through the process with a focus on implementability from start to finish
  • Comprehensive SWOT analysis that establishes foundation for success
    • Parent, student, alumni, prospective parent, staff and governance research
    • Assessment of your school’s external image and perceived value relative to its competition
    • Thorough analysis and characterization of your school’s most promising prospective families through in-depth population analysis
    • Growth roadmap identification 
    • Thorough operational and financial benchmarking of your school’s revenue sources, staffing ratios, compensation ratios, and purchased goods and services ratios versus relevant peers
  • Facilitated goal setting working sessions
  • Written implementation roadmap with clear actions, responsibilities, progress milestones, timelines, and success measures
  • Quarterly reviews of progress as a post-planning feature

For a private consultation to see if the Measuring Success Strategic Planning program is right for your school please contact Dr. Harry Bloom at 202-524-1532.