Quick Tips for Maximizing Participation in Parent Surveys

At Measuring Success, we’ve been conducting parent, alumni, and student surveys since 2003. We know that independent schools use these surveys to improve program offerings, gain insights into parent perceptions, and learn what messaging turns a parent into a brand ambassador.

But, a survey is only as good as the number of legitimate data points. To that end, Measuring Success has some tips and techniques for improving parent participation (we see upwards of 70 percent). Here are a few — in no particular order:

  • Remind parents through phone calls and text messages (see, it’s easy!)
  • Send kids home with a sticker on their backpack or shirt reminding parents to take the survey
  • Conduct the survey during parent-teacher conferences (or other times when parents are physically on campus) and send them home with the survey link
  • Have teachers reinforce to parents the survey’s importance
  • Build up anticipation by telling parents that the school is spending money to conduct the survey and they need to give feedback to ensure the survey’s value
  • Reinforce to parents that their answers are confidential and their data is secure
  • Offer free or low-cost incentives (a drawing for a prized parking place, a pizza party for the class with the highest parent participation)

Thanks to Tami Weiser and Steve Freedman for helping us with the webinar and sharing some of their tips and tricks for enhancing participation. If you are interested in joining the winter cohort of parent surveys, sign up now and see your results in mid-March.

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Did you miss the webinar on improving parent perceptions at your school?

Don’t worry. We recorded it for you.

Check out our webinar with Heads of School Tami Weiser of The Wise School in Los Angeles and Steve Freedman of Hillel Day School in Detroit.