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Optimizing Tuition Setting to Facilitate Growth

Optimizing Tuition Setting to Facilitate Growth By Dr. Harry BloomSenior Vice President of Client Solutions There are few topics more controversial or important to independent school sustainability and competitiveness than tuition setting. From a technical standpoint there are some core practices widely considered fundamental to the process. One is looking […]

When Data Sciences Meets Traditional Admissions

New Proactive Enrollment Management Paradigms for TODAY  By Dr. Harry Bloom The challenge to fill independent schools has never been greater. Many of the reasons are well known: incomes that haven’t kept up with tuition; new, more inviting options from public education; and the difficulty many schools have in concretizing […]

Webinar Recording: What Heads of School and CFOs Need to Know About Proactive Recruitment

VIDEO: WEBinar: “What heads of School and CFOs need to know about proactive recruitment” On September 13, Dr. Harry Bloom presented a webinar for Heads of School and CFOs on what they need to know about proactive recruitment.  Please feel free to reach by email out if you have questions or would […]

Three Webinars on Enrollment

Three webinars on Enrollment Measuring Success is excited to offer three upcoming webinars to address specific enrollment challenges at independent schools. We will be hosting one session for admissions/enrollment professionals (with Ellie Levine), one for heads of school and business officers (with Dr. Harry Bloom) and one with guest presenter […]

Independent School Admissions Professionals Are Hungry for Data

By Dr. Harry Bloom, Senior Vice President, Client Solutions, Measuring Success Last week, I had the pleasure of presenting two sessions at the Association of Independent School Admissions Professionals (AISAP) conference in Nashville. The event brought together admissions and enrollment management professionals from a diverse array of schools — large and small, […]

Alumni Surveys: Looking to the Past to Find the Best Path Forward for Your Independent School

By Daniel Chiat, Vice President, Measuring Success As schools look forward to the 2018-19 school year, it might seem premature to reach out to alumni. But checking in with recent grads is a great way to enhance a lifelong relationship. It is also a good time to check in with older […]

Driving a Strong Enrollment Pipeline

One of the reasons Measuring Success was invited to present at the Nashville meeting of the Association of Independent School Admissions Professionals (AISAP) is because of our success at using data to support enrollment management at independent schools. We use data in a couple of ways. First, we create lookalike […]

The Emerging Science of Independent School Enrollment Growth

By Dr. Harry Bloom, Senior Vice President, Measuring Success “For the first time in years, I have a clear pathway to enrollment growth,” said the Head of School at an independent day school after reviewing a draft strategic recruitment and retention plan from Measuring Success. About a week later, I […]

VIDEO: Webinar ‘Using Data to Systematically Increase Enrollment’

On June 19, Dr. Harry Bloom and Geordie Mitchell presented a webinar on Using Data to Systematically Increase Enrollment. Presented here is a recording of the event. Please feel free to reach by email out if you have questions or would like a no-cost consultation on using data to enhance […]